the book is forthcoming. by Danyel Smith. a history of black women in pop. from It Books/HarperCollins (2014). now writing. tumbling this stuff keeps me inspired, and keeps my brain sane.
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Karl Kani and Aaliyah

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Rihanna: “Mama AfRIHca!!!” (http://instagram.com/p/fbxwePBM18/)

[look of the hour]

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Beyoncé performing in São Paulo

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#rihanna #flask

#rihanna #flask

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Yes. Album is coming July 30th, Braveheart. I’m super excited. It’s definitely top 40ish and that’s what we were trying to do with the platform that we have with ‘Army Wives’, it just makes perfect sense because that’s that audience. Everyone says it’s such a huge record, but obviously we have to have and find the right home for it to give it what it needs. When I got the ‘Army Wives’ series, I was like, ‘Oh, we gotta infiltrate and get it in there

Ashanti on what to expect on her new “Braveheart” album.

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