the book is forthcoming. by Danyel Smith. a history of black women in pop. from It Books/HarperCollins (2014). now writing. tumbling this stuff keeps me inspired, and keeps my brain sane.
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…I’m older, and I get it, you know? I’m not trying to be what I’m not…You accept who you are, you magnify your strengths, and you just get who you are! To me, there’s a comfort when women can understand who they are, they shine so much brighter when they’re not trying to be what they’re not. I know what my look is. Before, I would look at pictures and I was like “Eeuuggh! Why did I let them pile all that make up on me?” Now…I’ll do my own makeup for videos, I’m not letting them do that to me anymore. I know who Karyn White is, and the kind of music I sing. It’s so much more swagged out for a woman to know who they are! I’m not Janet, I’m Karyn, and I think it’s such strength when you know who you are as a person and an artist. I can’t come back trying to do Beyoncé and Rihanna. I’m Karyn White, you know? I was before them, so I just have to do me.
I loved growing up in the 1980s because the music was so diverse…There wasn’t any prejudice. Everyone had their own music and styles. Artists didn’t have to be the same, like with artists today striving to be the next Beyoncé or Usher. You had George Michael, Chaka Khan, Peter Gabriel, Madonna, and Prince. It was an awesome time to see these different musical styles. It was legendary.