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Nicki Minaj performing ‘Anaconda’ at Fashion Rocks

Nicki Minaj performing ‘Anaconda’ at Fashion Rocks

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The first merger of [Beyoncé and Minaj] feels very Watch the Throne. Jay Z and Kanye’s joint effort was so seminal, for so many people, because as a duo they went from two human artists to a mythical unit. It’s why things like the “Otis” video will never, ever get old. Because such an extreme level of I Don’t GAF was never supposed to happen. It’s why their giant smiles are so great to watch, because it’s almost as if they know this was never supposed to happen. As if it’s a fantasy, even for them.
No one thought it was a good idea then and no one thinks it is a good idea now…My wife foreseen all this. She tried to tell the network, ‘I don’t think this is going to work, I’m afraid…this is going to turn into one of those reality shows. I didn’t sign up to be on Love And Hip Hop.’







Mariah is a shade sensei. Sit beside her well trussed feet and hope to absorb a mere fraction of her effortless skill.


…the older black women, they kinda just write me off…it’s important for you to look at the companies…I’ve done business with and realize that every time I do a campaign and it’s…successful…we show mainstream America that black women can sell a product and that black women are influential and that we can have our own people support something that we support…that’s what I want black women to understand. I’m not asking you to love everything I do. But I’m asking you to keep it real with yourself and really see exactly what I have been doing. It’s very important that they realize these things weren’t really being done like this before Nicki Minaj.
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