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10 January, 2000

Dear Diana,

I was flipping through the TV over the holiday trying to figure out how to work my satellite gadget and came across an Ed Sullivan special featuring all of the major Supremes performances. I was mesmerized, taken back to a younger self seeing you for the first time and everything that moment held for me—the possibilities for a future beyond poverty to something beautiful. You represented that beauty and more important, hope for me—hope that my life could be better, that I could do better. You were my angel. Please know that I still think of you often and hold you in the light.

Love, Oprah


Oprah Winfrey sits down with Cissy Houston January 28, at 10pm EST/PST. Nearing the one year anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death, Oprah will chat with the late singer’s mother in her New Jersey home for her first in-depth interview since her daughter’s passing.

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Good for you, Rihanna

my love for Rihanna grows with everything she tweets.


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Oprah’s Next Chapter: Exclusive Webisodes

Rihanna shares her Twitter Philosophy, the 3 classes of ‘truth tellers’ she has around her, the meaning behind her latest tattoos and how her family handles her fame.


Oprah interviews Rihanna (trailer).