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FILM: First Look at VH1’s “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story”

They are literally the most successful female R&B group in music history with an astonishing 65 million albums sold worldwide. Now TLC’s story will be told will be told like never before in a biopic premiering on VH1 in October!

Playing the legendary group in the film is Drew Sidora (T-Boz) Lil Mama (Left-Eye) and Keke Palmer (Chilli). Just judging by the trailer, you can tell they definitely got this one right! Check it out after the jump:

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'No Scrubs'…We just couldn't believe it. We were always on a high with it. We were thankful that we were even able to stumble across a hit like that. It's a girl anthem.


Okay, there are 100 points on the album. TLC has 7. Every point is equal to 8 cents, alright? 7 times 8, 56 cents. That means every time an album gets sold, TLC gets 56 cents. So 10 million records, 5.6 million dollars. Seems like a lot of money. Well its not a lot of money when the record company has spent 3 million dollars to record your album. And in the record business, we pay all costs back to the record company. We pay recording costs, video costs. So now, we have 2.6 million dollars left. Well guess what? When you have that much money, you’re about in the 47% tax bracket, so that immediately gets deducted to 1.3 million dollars. Then, you split the rest three ways. You got about $300,000 a piece, if that much. $300,000, let’s see. I can buy a nice house with that. And what am I gonna pay my bills with?

Gee, why exactly is this model completely imploding? 



weird…this song is blasting on my spotify as i type.

"My vision was to fill a void in the marketplace…En Vogue is the Supremes of the ’90s—with the glamorous look and up on a pedestal. TLC is at the other end, with the street-oriented, hip-hop image and real down-to-earth. But there are no big groups in the middle, like the Emotions and the Vandellas—groups that represent things the Supremes don’t, and aren’t totally hip-hop. What I wanted was a marriage between the glamour image and street image—with women who seem accessible to the urban community…We were set on a trio, because if a group is bigger it’s too complex…We wanted women the same size and in their early to mid-20s. If they were a lot older and very experienced, they wouldn’t be as flexible and able to adapt to our concept. I had this image set…Musically, we wanted women capable of singing lead. Finding women who fit into this package was a tall order."

Cassandra Mills, 1993

The former president of Giant Records’ black music division is pictured above, center/top, with Giant artists, Jade.


3 Beautiful woman <3 TLC


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